Buckle up! We take off! | Crowdsale Network

Buckle up! We take off!

"Buckle up! We fly up!" We want to begin the following news with this emotional phrase.
March 2018 is very significant for the Crowdsale Network platform because two strongest global projects were launched.

The Israeli developers from Bitvier.com have created the PoS Community Generation «CGEN» coins on X13 algorithm. The main mission of CGEN is to bring together the like-minded people to support socially important startups worldwide. A little later you will be ableto purchase tokens of prospective startups for CGEN on the Crowdsale Network platform.Considering the growth prospects of the crypto-market up to several trillion dollars,22,555,777,888 CGENs were created, 55% of which are pre-mined. The starting price of 1 CGEN is 0.00000001BTC. At the moment there is the process of listing of CGEN on various crypto-exchanges. The consolidation of the Crowdsale Network platform with the Bitvier developers will bring startups to a high level thanks to the technical and strategic capabilities of two companies. Have a chance to buy CGEN at a good price.

Give it up for RICHBIT! RichBit is a free, multi-user role-playing mobile game with the user's geolocation attached toit, with an internal messenger, and you can get a token for success in the game. Richbit is a gaming social network with RBX own tokens created on the basis of Ethereum ERC20. Experts of the Crowdsale Network expect the growth of the RichBit project on the world scale and now everyone has a chance to buy RBX tokens at the price of 0.07 $. More detailed information in the official telegram group