CSNP turn to Binance BEP20 | Crowdsale Network

CSNP turn to Binance BEP20

CSNP moves to Binance BEP20 blockchain.
The coin swap has already started and will last until February 1st.

How do I get new coins?

Coins will be exchanged automatically on the Crowdsale.Network website. You just need to send your coins from your personal wallet or from the balance on the exchange to your personal wallet in the Crowdsale.Network account.
If all your CSNP coins are in your personal account, then no further action is required from you.

If I don't have a Crowdsale Network account?

It's simple - register using the link.
CSNP wallet will be created automatically for you

Where to send coins for swap?

To swap, send your coins to your personal CSNP wallet in your Crowdsale.Network account. For this:

1) go to your personal account and open the section finance - wallets.

2) find in the list of CSNP wallets and press enter. Click "generate address" and send your coins to it - follow the instructions in the window that opens.
The operation is manually moderated. Coins will be credited to your account within 24 hours.

How to withdraw coins from Coinsbit

1) log in to the exchange

2) in the page header, select Wallet -> Balance to go to your wallet page.

3) In the search box enter "CSNP" to find the corresponding wallet and click Withdraw.
In the window that opens, in the 1st field, enter the address of your CSNP wallet on the Crowdsale Network
(see the section "Where to send coins for swap"). In the 2nd field, press the MAX button. The 3rd field will be filled in automatically.
Click "Withdrawal request"

4) On the transaction history page
copy the txid of the transaction, you will need it to complete receiving coins on Crowdsale.Network